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Economic prosperity for all of Aotearoa.

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Konei is the online home of Aotearoa brands, a new online shopping experience.

Not only is Konei a beautifully curated online store, but we are driven by a passion to see economic prosperity for all of Aotearoa.

Our mission is to build a united movement of strong Aotearoa brands owned by thriving whanau (families).

A united movement: We are a network of local beacons across Aotearoa that facilitate connection, learning and growth.

Strong brands: Konei is a learning and growth experience for everyday entrepreneurs.

Thriving whanau: We use ecommerce to increase income, improve mindsets and sharpen skillsets.


The Aunties behind Konei, clockwise from top: Fia, Amanda, Marissa, Samantha, Manawa, Mel


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