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Tackling inequality through education and enterprise.

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The Tukua Whanau


Our vision is to see vulnerable communities thriving.


We are pioneers, entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, collaborators and nurturers.


Our Story

We are a community based in Manukau (South Auckland, New Zealand) who have had enough of seeing our people over-represented in negative statistics; statistics such as domestic violence, poverty, mental health, suicide, incarceration and preventable diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, smoking-related illnesses and so on.


To tackle this inequality we formed Ngahere Communities Ltd to work in partnership with local and central government, building an environment for our people, Maori and Pacific people, to thrive through creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

Ngahere Foundation was set-up in 2020 to support the impact-driven activity of Ngahere Communities, providing the structure to address some of the systemic issues that vulnerable communities face, while also releasing Ngahere Communities to build an economic base for the future.

Ngahere Foundation utilises the power of education and entrepreneurship to close the gap and release potential.


Our People

The Ngahere Foundation Board.


Dr Canaan Aumua

Canaan is passionate about the health of Pacific and Maori people, and how we use tech improve access to health information.  He is the founder of Ark Health Discovery.


Manawa Udy

Manawa knows the power that entrepreneurship plays in developing self, whanau and communities. She is the founding force behind Ngahere Ventures.


Kipi Paea

Kipi is an engineer by trade and baker by passion.  Born and raised in Otara, Kipi lives a legacy of investing into the vulnerable people around him through education.


Mel Paikea Tautalanoa

Mel is passionate about people, excellent at building relationships, and lives to serve others.  She is a trusted support for women and for victims of family violence.


Marty Ng Shiu

Marty is passionate about seeing Pacific and Maori people build their economic health and wealth, particularly through property.  He is a much-loved mentor and coach for many in the Manukau area.


Beks Vilitau

Beks is passionate about public health and our Pacific people.  She is a fearless advocate for social justice and avid coordinator of fundraising efforts for multiple not for profits.


Keu Iorangi recording for Season two of the Ngahere Talks Podcast, Made of Manukau


Contact Us

Mel Tautalanoa
CEO Ngahere Inc.

Kipi Paea
Board Chair

Level 2, 2 Osterley Way
Manukau, NZ

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Due to Covid-19 we have no scheduled events coming up.

BUT - keep an eye out coz we got a few things bubbling away!

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