Relating Well

3 Tips to great relationships

Relational skills come quite naturally to me.

My business partner and bestie once told me my ability to relate to people is like a superpower ha! It took a while for me to really find my fit on the team here at Ngahere Communities, eventually, I landed on Relationship Manager, such a natural fit. I realise that while I have a natural ability to relate, we all have varying capacities when it comes to building and maintaining relationships.

I truly believe that you can, even if you are an introvert, learn to be more relational. It is a skill and like any skill, with focus and intention, it can be improved. Eventually, over time it can become a natural process, something you do without thinking, kind of like driving.

At Ngahere relationships are absolutely essential to our business. Having a cool space, a design studio, a gaming studio is all awesome, but without relationship and connection, it would be pointless.

I thought it would be cool to look at 3 tips for building good relationships.


I can smell a fake a mile off and ewwww there is nothing more repelling. Generally, people respond well to authenticity. It’s real and warm, I mean you need to read the room, but when you are honest, open, real and warm it can be disarming and allow a flow of beautiful conversation. When people come to visit our space here at Ngahere, the most resounding feedback I hear is that they love “the vibe”. I believe that is because as a team we are authentic, we love what we do, we love our space, we genuinely want to share it with you and people can feel it. This goes across the board for all our relationships.


We have been very deliberate about building relationships with businesses or organisations that share the same goals and values as we do. We are purposeful about placing ourselves in environments that will enable those kinds of connections. If we feel like there is someone in our industry that we need to talk to we take the time to figure out how we can connect with them, even if it means a shameless approach. The beauty is that it has birthed so many wonderful collaborations where there is mutual respect and trust, brilliant foundations for any relationship. Side Note: don’t see people ahead of your game as a threat - align yourself with them and learn!


Relationships are a key component to all spheres of life. Without relationships, we definitely couldn't turn Ngahere into a successful business. With that being said you have to realise it is going to take TIME and it’s going to take WORK! It’s networking, coffee, emails, robust discussion, a little vulnerability, meetings, more coffee, more meetings, phone calls, it’s investment people. Don’t underestimate the power of that investment. We have taken time to build relationships with our community, with people that have more skin in the game, with local business, Government, Council, Universities, Social enterprise the list goes on.

Ngahere are really beginning to see the fruit of the time we have invested as a team and as individuals into building these relationships.

We look forward to sharing more with you in the future about some of those relationships and the collaborations that are birthed.

Mel is the Relationship Manager at Ngahere Communities and leads the pastoral care and support for Tukua.


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