More than a hot desk...

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

With Ngahere Communities you're part of the whānau.... it's more than a hot desk

I first met the Ngahere Communities crew in January 2019. Within a month I began to hotdesk at Te Haa o Manukau as part of my role at Ākina Foundation.

Ākina’s mission is to grow the economy through the power of impact – It makes total sense to be

present in Manukau and connect with local entrepreneurs in South Auckland.

It’s also a great workspace and I find I can really get my head down and get stuff done.

Being part of the Ngahere Communities has been so much more than a hotdesk and a venue for

meetings and workshops. From day one conversations and connections have formed that have made a difference – linking up with the right people from different organisations and naturally meeting with local entrepreneurs.

Joining the support team surrounding the Tukau programme has been epic – I love seeing the way that the programme is shaping up, the entrepreneurs at the centre, peer support growing and of course those Ngahere Communities whānau relationships at the core.

What’s special is this whānau feel, people, coming to meet me there feel at home, love the space and for a couple also made moves to work from the space.

Whether it’s Ngahere Talks, online posts or sitting at the table enjoying a kai I love the team’s

passion for the kaupapa of seeing South Aucklanders thrive through entrepreneurship. Sure they

take their mahi seriously but man they also know how to laugh and have fun.

One of our Tukua team meetings, me with the team from ATEED and Ngahere Communities.

Here are my 6 reasons why co-working in South Auckland is so good:

1. Great feel

The atmosphere for co-working is spot on. There are regular faces and also a great mix of people coming and going. A really easy place to connect with others. 

2. It's where it's at

The community that uses Te Haa are creative, tech-savvy and culturally diverse. This is a South Auckland innovation bumping space and with founders cafe, it's open to everyone.

3. It's really well connected to public transport

This is really important for us in Auckland, to keep things moving. A place you can travel to by bus or train and the station is right next door. It's also a pretty easy distance from the airport for people flying in or out of the city. 

4. It's a great connecting place

For businesses, solo-entrepreneurs, organisations offering training opportunities, or just to get a change of scenery from your own four walls and work alongside others

5. It's flexible

The Ngahere team will do their utmost to make it work for you, stay away too long and you'll come back and find things have moved. The team are continually looking for ways to make the space work better. 

6. It's evolving

Ngahere is a reflective learning organisation and they are on a pathway of continuous improvement and testing out new ideas. Go learn from them!

Recently I found I was getting there less often – I had to have a word with myself and recognise that I want to put my time and energy where it matters. Hanging out with the Ngahere Communities whānau is where I want to be.

Anne Purcell is Kaiārahi / Connector, Places & Networks at Akina Foundation

Te Haa o Manukau is a coworking space in the heart of Manukau which includes office space, studios, and rooms for hire. Te Haa is operated by Ngahere Communities, a Manukau based Social Enterprise. For more information and to make a booking head to

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