Esports - love it or hate it, it's booming!

Since the beginning of time new technologies have had a way of disrupting our 'normal'.

Books were once lamented because it was feared that we would start relying on them, instead of building personalised wisdom. Esports and online gaming are part of the new frontier.

Here at Ngahere Communities we like to look at this opportunity in two ways - as a gateway for our young generation to engage in tech careers, and as a way to foster the skills, teamwork, behaviours and discipline that comes with any sport.

On the face of it, people are 'just' entertaining themselves. However, when you peel back the layers there is an industry ripe for accelerating the skills needed for Maori and Pasifika young people to thrive not just in the future, but now.

You simply need to visit the Jobs page at Riot Games and see the pure diversity of career and job opportunities available via ONE gaming company. Data scientist, Logistics, 3D Artist, Community Manager, Engineering Manager, Broadcast Producer, Esports Live Ops, Sound Designer - to name a few.

Just this week a US Teen won $3m USD as the Fortnite World Champ, that's more than Novac Djokovic won at Wimbledon this year, and more than Tiger Woods picked up in the 2019 Masters. In 2018 the esports industry alone brought in over $900m USD.

The groundswell of interest in, and support for Esports in Aotearoa is gaining momentum, and it's time we bring this discussion out of the doldrums of 'it's bad for you, it's a waste of time, and it's not really a sport'.

Ngahere Talks will bust open the conversation by bringing together some of our countries leaders in digital inclusion, esports, gaming education and wellbeing, tech and hardware, grassroots development and a local look at whats happening here in South Auckland, at Te Haa o Manukau.

Along with our partners GameTan, Friday 16 August offers a series of events for ALL interested in online gaming and Esports. And we'll celebrate the opening of the Te Haa Gaming Studio and the GameTan esports club. This includes an open Game Club every 2nd Friday night, and the intentional development of aspiring esport athletes, game creators, and tech and hardware builders.

Register your spot today!

3PM Fireside Chat

Looking at the potential of gaming to engage and build future skills for Maori and Pacific young people.

The Fireside Chat will illuminate the path ahead by current practitioners, like Potaua from DNA, Rotorua and Ivan from Riot Games. Unpack the opportunities for Manukau and shed a light on what is already happening through ambitious South Auckland entrepreneur Raynor Cocker, from GameTan.

You will understand what has been done in the space, the opportunities that lie ahead, and what is possible right here in Manukau for our Maori and Pasifika young people.

This is an intimate discussion, register your interest to attend by emailing

4PM Panel Korero

The Panel Korero will focus on esports, and start with questions like what is it? How does it work? How do you make money from it? What's happening in Aotearoa, how do we fit in? Where's the grassroots development? Where too from here?

We'll also open it up for questions and discussions from the floor.

Attendance is free but spaces are limited, register your spot here.

5PM Opening of Te Haa Gaming Studio

This short celebration acknowledges a new era for 1 year old Te Haa o Manukau, making an intentional investment in the opportunities that online gaming and esports offer our rangatahi and tamariki. The Te Haa Gaming Studio will be operated by GameTan and supported by the whole Te Haa whanau including Ngahere Communities, The Southern Initiative and ATEED.

530pm Riot Games. One Workshop - All Play

Hosted by GameTan and delivered by Riot Games, this workshop will provide unique professional development opportunity for parents, gamers or anyone interested in learning about gaming and eSports.

The 'Learn with League Initiative' - was created on the basis of equipping our youth with life skills whilst on their gaming journey.

"Building thoughts and habits that set young people up for a healthy, fulfilling life."

Learn with League Initiative is a great resource for parents, teachers and gamers to not only understand/keep up to date with their families but also equip themselves to better support our young people.

Register for this workshop here

6PM Volcanic Cup - League of Legends LIVE Final

Come and watch the top two teams battle it out, live, here at Te Haa o Manukau

The name 'Volcanic Cup' derives from the 53 Volcanoes in the City of Auckland. Teams all over Auckland and from afar come together bringing their skills, team work and experience to test their might against worthy challengers.

There will be 2 preliminary rounds to find the top two teams for the finals held live onsite from 6pm. Come and experience the esports vibe! No registration necessary



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