• Andy Crowe

3 Tips for Powerful Programmes

It seems like everyone is creating new programmes these days. Us included. The challenge, as we see it is;

How might we create better programmes and less duplication of what’s clearly not working?

Most programmes aimed at communities, we believe, are at the 101 level. They give a lot of information, with not a lot of practical applications. They can build dependency and position the facilitating organisation as the middle person.

We believe there is a huge opportunity for 202 programmes. Ones that develop trust and are done alongside. Where participants build each other up and the information leads to action and accountability.

We’ll step down from our soapbox now and outline our approach:

Partner up. 1+1=3

Low-quality programmes, even ones we’ve run in the past and let die quietly, more often than not arise out of not partnering well or at all. There are many organisations with similar aims and even have the same participants. This has fundamentally changed our approach to developing programmes at Ngahere. A tip within this is to figure out what is it exactly that you offer to potential partners that is invaluable towards the success of the co-created programme. Is it time, insights or expertise.

Participants are the heroes

How are our programmes serving our participants on their ideal journey? Are we uniquely positioned to serve their journey, and not just ours? We’re learning that programmes that are designed to make participants the heroes of their journey inherently provides value to them. In the end that value does return back to us, but focusing on what will transform participants and their businesses is paramount to lasting impact.

Community = X Factor

Community is at the core of what we do. We have actually found that each of our team members attracts a type of community towards them. When we design our programmes the question arises, “Who is in the room? And, who’s not here that should be?” Who needs this support, ideas, growth in their business? And are they willing to collaborate? Programmes without community lack the ‘X Factor’. You could have read the info in a blog. However, gathering around and sharing stories from the trenches is what we’ve always done, why stop when the people are in front of us.

In a future post, we will delve into how we design programmes. This post is about laying the foundations.

There are many people or organisations who are supporting small businesses, we can inadvertently be sharing the same info to the same participants. Our 3 tips shape the way we differentiate ourselves and deliver powerful programmes.

We; partner up, make our participants the heroes and nurture communities.

Andy Crowe is the Programme Lead at Ngahere Communities


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